PT Huangtec Mandiri Jaya is a distribution company of high quality products. Our portfolio products range from consumer electronics, such as audio, communications, wearable, health, mobile device accessory, to a fashioable laptop bag. We work with world-class best brands in their fields.


Our products are sold through our partners, retailers, both online and offline retailers, and reach not only indivual customers, but also corporations, education and government.


PT. Huangtec Mandiri Jaya, is a distribution company for quality products, with the latest technology and design, we always strive to bring the world's best brands and products and also always provide after-sales service for all our customers.

The products we sell vary from Personal Audio, Wireless Audio, Communications, Wearable Fitness Tracker, Apple Accesories, Bags, Cases, ip cam, as well as air purifiers, and future products like robots for education.

We work with more than 10 premium brands to be distributed in Indonesia, through E-commerce, E-retailers, traditional retailers, Apple Premium Retailers as well as Corporate, governance and education

We have 6 service centers in all over Indonesia, to provide the best service for our customers.